The Homecoming

Well, the day finally came and we picked up Nevis on Saturday. All went super smooth and before we knew it we were sitting eating chips overlooking the Clyde. It was a really dreich day but that did not deter us. We were having chips in the bongo that night come rain, hail or shine…well, there was definitely no shine, plenty of rain though.  We even braved the elements and had the roof up for a short time.  It was a very cosy affair with all four of us round the wee table eating our chippy, however a very enjoyable one. Day 1 was a success.

The next day saw us visiting the The Scottish Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show. This had all the makings of being a financial disaster but we managed to keep our sensible heads on and our only purchase was a wee electric heater for the bongo. 99% of the camper vans there were VW’s and if we needed any convincing that we had made the right decision to go down the bongo route then this was it. How the VW’s can justify their price tags is beyond me. The only thing I seen that I felt could benefit Nevis is swivel seats, they do look good. Is that an option in a bongo?…I will have to research. We had our lunch in the car park so this was our first attempt at cooking in the bongo. I say cooking, we had forgot the pots so it was a pot noodle & crisps all round. Followed by a coffee. Our wee fold up kettle we purchased a week ago was in its element.

Troon beach was our destination the following day. A slight improvement in the weather but still too windy to put the roof up. I was hoping to get some nice pics of Nevis at the beach with the roof up but sadly not to be. That said the weather did not deter us and the kids and dog had a great time on the gloomy, yet dramatic beach.

No such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

We then headed further along the coast to Portencross where we cooked up some soup for the girls and some mince for me. Loving cooking in the bongo and surprised at how easy we managed in such a small space. Teamwork was key and the girls mucked in brilliantly. Having the roof up would have helped but still far too windy. It was also the first time we had cooked in Nevis with Eva the beagle on board…and again surprisingly hassle free, the space being so tight she has no option really other than to mooch from under the table. Another successful day.

Today the girls were still off on school holidays so we ventured up to Aberfoyle. It was a lovely day today so finally I would get some decent photos of Nevis.


After cooking up some hotdogs for lunch we took Eva a walk around the woodland trails and also stopped at the wildlife hide for some photos:


It was then back to Nevis for coffee and hot chocolates, happy days. The kids are really enjoying the bongo and even tidied up and cleaned without being asked before we headed home, daughter no.1 was especially industrious…if only the same diligence could be applied to the state of her bedroom!


So far so good in Bongo Land!


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