The Journey Begins.


Tomorrow, we pick up Nevis. Its been a long 2 weeks since we made the decision to become ‘Bongonauts’ but I’m sure it will be worth the wait. The internet has been scoured for Bongo data and many Facebook ‘Bongo’ pages have been joined. Are we being paranoid or does every other post on Bongo forums start with “Help! we have a problem with <insert cringy bongo name>”.  The occasional “Phew! Billy’s passed his M.O.T” is thrown in to balance the scales of optimism. On the flip side though, watching many a happy Bongo owners homemade adventures on Youtube has reminded us why we are starting this journey. The Bongo ‘youtubers’ who video themselves giving you a tour of their beloved vans are heartwarming, the pride oozing from them as they show you a roof raising at the push of a button. Its clear to see the pull these wee vans can have on you.

Nevis (yep we have a cringy bongo name too) is a 1997 model, 2.5td automatic with 4 wheel drive and fitted with a camper van side conversion. No auto roof, but it does have a manually raising roof which sleeps 2 (I was so looking forward to videoing myself pushing that button!). We have also opted for the Easycamp Sebring 200 drive away awning, also supplied by the dealer.  We have resisted rushing out and buying loads of stuff for Nevis’s homecoming, however that decision was probably driven by the fact that the day after tomorrow we are going to the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome and Holiday home show…timing could have been better!

So the journey begins tomorrow, we already have a few trips planned, the possibilities really do seem endless at the moment. Will that still be the case once the five of us (mum, dad, 2 daughters and a Beagle) have spent a night away together in Nevis?…time will tell.

To be continued…